9-16-2005: Honey Bee Hive
Fever Sleeves, The Esthas, and Japanese Sunday

What was that movie playing over the bar?  We got to try out the bar's new sound system.  Everyone tells us that it sounds awesome.  But maybe it's just that *we* sound awesome.  At least the kick drum does.  They call it the kick drum because it sounds like someone kicking you in the head.  Ouch.  Somehow I manage to go through the whole evening without a single drink.  I think I just simply forgot.  I am so not a rock star.  But at least we had the honer of playing with actual rock stars: Fever Sleeves (The?), The Esthas, and our partners-in-trilogy Japanese Sunday.

= adam =

We were treated to stellar under-age rock by The Fever Sleeves, an awesome Oasis-inspired set by The Esthas that not nearly enough people were around to witness (smokers! you're all going to die from lung cancer), and a fabulous set by our life partners, Japanese Sunday.

In return, we gave everyone one of our best performances - we even got compared to one of my favorite bands, The Unicorns (RIP). Was it the new sound system? Our collective sobriety? Our matching yellow shirts? Nope. It's because Secret Apollo is fueled soley by Red Vines which produces a very pure, energetic form of Red Vines Rock. Some boy picked up on this and tried to steal our Red Vines for evil at the end of the evening. Lucky for us, I have super powers and was able to persuade him with Jedi-like mind tricks that he did not want the Red Vines. He wanted a demo cd. And so do you. Come to our next show.


Upon our entrance to the Bee Hive, we were greeted with the sight of "our" booth being open and "House of Flying Daggers" playing on the big screen. It was strangely quiet. And I was, not strangely, tired. I heard they got a new sound system, so I was excited (well, as excited as I get) to hear it. After a set by Fever Sleeves, which was feverish, we took the stage. Overall the set went well, although the new sound system made it seem like I was playing "Cars with Boom" by L'Trimm for 30 minutes, instead of "Piccolo" by us. I hear it sounded normal out front, so that's good. Had Tigra and Bunny D shown up I would have been scared. Other than being self conscious about my 808 style bass drum, the show was cool. We were then treated to The Esthas and Japanese Sunday. Then I went home.