1-21-2005: Honey Bee Hive
w/ Bunky, The Displaced

Reviews are so much easier to write when something goes wrong.  Misery is so much more inspiring.  Hence my difficulty in writing a review of a show where we played well, had an awesome lineup, and a really good crowd showed up.  We love Bunky.  We love The Displaced.  And we love the fans.  The end.

= adam =

A milemarker in the Secret Apollo gig book! The line up didn't change once! It wasn't too hard to book our billmates. Nobody cancelled. Everybody was on time. Nobody forgot important cables. If for this reason only, I can declare 2005 a successful year!

We've been wanting to play with Bunky and The Displaced for a while and were excited to start 2005 off with such a good show. Added to that, the Honey Bee Hive has really put an effort into making their bar more band friendly by rearranging the set up and expanding their sound system. Rich is the Audio Master! But he doesn't fall for the "I'm just the girl" BS when I tried to explain to him why we were lagging on moving our gear out. That Rich is no sucker.

Highlights? That most my favorite people made it out, the friends who only caught a song or two (or none at all) but still made the effort to come out and say hi (Davida, Erica, Kevin G) which I think is awesome, Bunky's stripped down set with Emily meowing in lieu of a horn section, Peter (The Displaced) dancing like a fiend, the drunk guy who offered me his friend's drool in a glass (hawt), and not blowing anything too bad (although following Jen from The Displaced is a daunting task!).

Thanks to everyone who Rocked Out with us. See ya next month.


Well, we played the Bee Hive again. I know, I know, I promised live bees at this show, but do you know how expensive they are? Let's just say I forgot to put bees into January's budget. Sorry. Anyway, here are my thoughts (and then more insight).

I think:
-We played well (debatable, but not too debatable)
-We were loud (why wouldn't we be? it's a rock band. wtf?... hello????)
-If you mention Motley Crue more than once in 5 min. you're automatically excluded from conversation (Yeah, because they're not cool enough. haha)
-The Displaced and Bunky were quite good (but not as good as Motley Crue!!!)
-I come off as "anti social" (I am)
-I forgot the lights (I did)
Ok, this is dumb.

Thanks for everyone coming to see us and/or coming to see The Displaced and Bunky and putting up with us.