Friday 3/1/2013 - One Night Only Reunion Show!
Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA
$5, 21+, 9pm
other bands TBA

Previous Shows

When Where With Whom What Happened
4-1-2011 Whistlestop farewell show with Gamma Gamma  
7-2-2010 Tin Can Ale House with The Modlins and Jamuel Saxson  
5-21-2010 Tin Can Ale House    
4-23-2010 Whistlestop CD Release! with Alpha Channel  
4-2-2010 Soda Bar with Echo Revolution and Gravitorium  
2-11-2010 Ruby Room with Gun Runner, Riddle the Roar  
1-28-2010 Soda Bar CD Release! with Joanie Mendenhall, Knives!  
5-2-2009 Soda Bar with Gray Ghosts  
4-2-2009 Bar Pink with Swim Party  
3-26-2009 Soda Bar with The Shake Ups  
2-20-2009 The Loft with The Modlins  
1-22-2009 Cane's with Bobby Fantasy  
1-15-2009 Soda Bar with Citizen of the Year  
10-2-2008 Kensington Club Someday Assassin and The Shake Ups  
9-5-2008 Metaphore Cafe The Shake Ups  
8-12-2008 The Casbah Austin James Band and Long Live Logos  
8-1-2008 Whistlestop CD Release! With Alpha Channel  
7-18-2008 Joe N Andy's Pick-Up Girl  
6-22-2008 Zombie Lounge Mod Amish, Death on Mars, Gurtrudestein  
6-7-2008 Ken Club Art Around Adams  
4-26-2008 Chaser's One Lonely Robot and Under the Influence of Us  
3-30-2008 Casbah Modlins, Anna Troy Band, Echo Revolution, Action Andy  
3-14-2008 Ken Club The Airlines, The Anna Troy Band  
3-7-2008 The Whistlestop Matt Curreri and The Exfriends  
2-23-2008 Tower Bar The Drowning Men  
1-26-2008 Eclipse Chocolat Secret Apollo  
1-8-2008 Zombie Lounge The Modlins, Love Pentagon  
12-29-2007 Scolari's Office Joanie + Secretaries, Sirens of Shipwreck  
12-21-2007 The Whistlestop Joel P. West, Writer  
11/30/2007 Ken Club Ken Club w/ Beta Lion  
11/2/2007 Tower Bar Swim Party, The Drowning Men  
10/24/2007 710 Beach Club 12 Cent and The Underclassmen  
10-20-2007 Scolari's Office The Shrines, The Minor Canon, Beta Lion  
10-10-2007 The Whistlestop Secret Apollo Loves You Video Screening Party  
9-20-2007 Brass Rail Pussy Galore w/ Perfect Blue  
9-7-2007 Ken Club Inigo, Pick-Up Girl  
8-19-2007 Zombie Lounge The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, Grins Edge, and Butterface  
8-4-2007 Scolari's Office The Frantic Romantic and Franco Near Death  
7-7-2007 Ken Club Roxy Jones and The Vaginals  
5-12-2007 Scolari's Office The Modlins and Demasiado Destruction!
4-28-2007 Ken Club Swim Party and Kite Flying Society  
4-13-2007 Porter's Pub All Secret Apollo, all the time! Let's go outside
3-3-2007 The Wire
(Upland, CA)
Bare the Embers, Bledsoe, The Vanning, Calypso Gotta Love Weird Al
3-2-2007 Graeme Matthew Studio
(San Jose, CA)
Domino Effect Private Show
3-1-2007 The Gate
(Bakersfield, CA)
All Secret Apollo, all the time! Free nachos and a skate park?!
2-28-2007 Blondies
(San Francisco)
Static Mind-Fi, Amalgamation, Hammer Horror Classics and Blue Mire More rock than 7pm has ever seen!
2-27-2007 Lava Lounge
(Los Angeles)
The Slings, Satelite Class, and The Blank Tapes Tour Stop #1. We heart LA.
2-12-2007 SDSC Demasiado, The Blackout Party Be Our Valentine
2-2-2007 Scolari's Office Tropical Depression, Iceage Cobra Experimental Rock Out
1-24-2007 Casbah Heartless Bastards Crowded House
1-12-2007 Ken Club The Fascination Smashing (photo essay)
1-11-2007 SDSC Firethorn Hello 2007! (photo essay)
12-30-2006 Lava Lounge (LA) The Modlins Last show of 2006! (photo essay)
12-12-2006 Scolari's Office The Mints Short songs, short bill
12-07-2006 SDSC Static Halo, The Modlins We win!
11-05-2006 SDSC Pick-Up Girl, Circa Now Sunday Rock Out
09-28-2006 SDSC Pick-Up Girl, Blizzard Beer Bucket
09-21-2006 Brass Rail many others Super Stage
09-09-2006 Scolari's Office I Like Girls, Char Star, True Crime Authors Loud Chaos
07-28-2006 Honey Bee Hive Plural and Billy Midnight CD Release!
07-12-2006 The Casbah World Inferno Friendship Society, Heather Duby Reunited, and it feels so good
06-30-2006 Ken Club True Crime Authors, Republic of Letters, The Stars, Char Star Look Good, Sound Better
06-19-2006 Beauty Bar Abbrevieated Daylight Lets Go Outside
06-10-2006 Scolari's Office The Modlins, Swim Party, and Straight No Chaser Hardcore Indie Pop
05-04-2006 Ken Club Someday Assassin, A Scribe Amidst the Lions Babbling About
04-30-2006 The Casbah Amber performed with The Buzzkill Romantics Cure-tastic
04-07-2006 Scolari's Office Red Pony Clock, Invisible Airplaines, Ryan McPhun and the Ruby Suns 2nd Best
02-11-2006 Hot Monkey Love The Modlins Stinky Meltdown
01-21-2006 The Alibi Red Pony Clock, Rusty Like, Swim Party First Show of the Year!
12-03-2005 Buster Daly's MeWow, Swim Party Last Show of the Year!
11-18-2005 Boomers! The Esthas Who Wants to Play?
11-05-2005 Honey Bee Hive The Displaced, Fever Sleeves Can You Hear Us Now?
10-29-2005 Scolari's Office The Esthas, Hundred Year Storm, I Like Girls We Spook Out
10-14-2005 Honey Bee Hive Citizen of the Year, The Modlins Full House w/o the Olsen Twins
09-27-2005 Cat Club Rusty Like, The Slings, Satellite Class The LA Scene
09-16-2005 Honey Bee Hive Fever Sleeves, The Esthas, Japanese Sunday You Missed Out
08-30-2005 The Casbah Sweetness, Hazard County Girls Rock in the Key of Flat
07-23-2005 Honey Bee Hive Split Infinity, That Mad Ahab Rock Out
06-25-2005 Scolari's Office Rusty Like, Inigo Flirtatious Girl
05-28-2005 Scolari's Office The Pinwheels, Resolver, Citizen of the Year It's done. Read it.
04-15-2005 Honey Bee Hive The Displaced, The Velvet Tongue Girls on Bass!
04-04-2005 The Casbah Ariel Pink, The Peppermints Weird Goodness
03-16-2005 Rain Rusty Like, The Randies Roadtrip!
02-25-2005 Hot Monkey Love Split Infinity, Japanese Sunday, Hialeah We love monkeys
02-18-2005 Ken Club The Donkeys, Plural Singing in the Rain
02-11-2005 Scolari's Office The Pinwheels, The Liquorice Quartet, Citizen of the Year My Bloody Valentine
01-21-2005 Honey Bee Hive The Displaced, Bunky Happy New Year!
12-12-2004 Onyx Room Japanese Sunday, The Velvet Tongue, A Beautiful Noise Episode III
12-03-2004 Roseary Room Japanese Sunday Episode II
11-26-2004 Scolari's Office Japanese Sunday, Hialeah, Reward Drive System Episode I
11-18-2004 Honey Bee Hive Flying Douglas, A Fascination Heights More Rock, Less Talk
11-06-2004 Chaser's The Verso, Static Halo Party Cups?!?
10-22-2004 Honey Bee Hive Rookie Card, The Verso A Few Choice Words
10-01-2004 The Leucadian Roxie Monoxide Blackout!
09-22-2004 Hennessey's other bands We Soft Rock The Dinner Crowd
09-20-2004 Roseary Room The Exfriends, Split Infinity The Tale of the Cursed Show
08-28-2004 Joe 'n Andy's Static Halo Michael Bolton Was There
07-17-2004 Caffiends 8 bands we don't know the names of Blood and Noses
06-14-2004 The Casbah The Billy Nayer Show, Mark Growden We refrain from the famous quote
06-11-2004 Kensington Club Flying Douglas, The Residuals We practice in a closet
05-29-2004 Joe 'n Andy's The Buzzkill Romantics Snugger Than 3 Peas in a Pod
05-13-2004 Scolari's Office Day & Age, The Mortals What We Have to Say About It
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