7-17-2004: Caffiends
w/ 8 other bands

Sick sick sick before the show, but it could be worse. Throat-based paranoia leads to a mute existence in the minutes before playing. Caffiend's is a bring-your-own-crowd type of establishment, and we bring fan-club members only, who are treated to a private show. I save all bleeding for after. Com-fuckin-fuckin-fuckin-fuckin-pletely.

= adam =

The week leading up to this show I broke my bass, Adam lost his voice, and I started to forget lyrics from practicing all our songs as instrumentals. So even though we hadn't played a show in a month and I wanted to be excited, I felt a bit unsettled.

After cruising the full-parking lot that is Downtown, we each found parking, some with more luck than others and headed into Caffiend's to wait for our turn (it was an 8 band bill). Our arrival, along with a small gathering of our friends, accounted for 90% of the coffee house's patrons. Not to imply that I'd expected to play to anyone I didn't know. But Caffiend's turned out to be a good venue: cool couches, gelato, alcohol, yummy food, and surprisingly good sound. Monitors even. Yay! But the best part? The fabulous curtain of shining silver strands behind us on the stage. I felt like we should be wearing platforms and singing disco covers. But then again, our songs are essentially disco for the new millennium anyway.

Eventually our turn came, we set up, and I snuck off to the bathroom to warm up my vocals while Adam and Steve did whatever it is they do when I'm not around (sit around missing me). And despite my earlier trepidation, we brought the rock well. I didn't forget any lyrics, Adam was able to sing and shout and make weird noises as if nothing was wrong with his throat, and Steve...well, we never really have to worry about Steve. Per usual, we blessed our audience (of friends) with a new song, the fitting "Downtown". And I had fun, which is all I ever want out of a show (even though Steve unplugged my amp right when I'd gotten into the middle of the build-up for "Rock Out". But that's okay. It's such a great song, it should be played twice anyway.). I even displayed some jumping ability. Now to learn how to play and jump at the same time. Minor detail.

All that remains to be seen is if Adam's nose has stopped bleeding. I should probably give him a call. He's so rock n' roll.


The cowbell rocked the house and so did Secret Apollo. Downtown parking sucks. Thank you.