6-25-2005: Scolari's Office
w/ Inigo and Rusty Like

Oh Inigo!  I offer you thanks for inviting us to play at the Scolari's Office with you!  You brought the rock!  And oh Rusty Like!  How we missed you so!  We eagerly await your Secret Apollo cover song tribute!  And oh Scolari's!  Home of the golf video game girl, who flirts with me mercilessly!  One day she will be mine!

= adam =

Ever play kazoo to a Kelly Clarkson song? Inigo will teach you how.

Ever wonder what Piccolo would sound like by another band? Rusty Like knows.

Ever look at people swarming in to Scolari's at 12:45am and wonder where in the world they came from and why then ended up here, watching your band? Secret Apollo does.


So tonight was another rock out at Scolari's. I don't remember much from that show. Hell, I don't even remember what our color scheme of choice was. I'm pretty damn sure I looked fuckin' hot though. Once again in the process of waiting, we were teased and taunted by the girl on the golf video game, but that has become our favorite pastime. We were treated to the sounds of Rusty Like and Inigo, and that made for an enchanting evening. I'm not sure what else. It was surprisingly a mellow evening. Oh yeah, I don't "think" I looked hot...I DID.