5-28-2005: Scolari's Office
w/ The Pinwheels, Resover, Citizen of the Year

I had written the most interesting, intelligent, witty, stellar review of this show.  It was the most proud accomplishment of my life.  It made me feel like I finally had a reason for existence.  That perhaps I could finally have a peaceful night where I didn't have to cry myself to sleep.  For the first time I felt hopeful that I might one day feel the warm touch of a woman.

But then Amber deleted my review.  So now I'm going to go home and weep bitterly while masturbating.

= adam =

I was propositioned to play in a Pantara-like band right after we finished our set at Scolari's. That should tell you how much we rocked (except in a totally non-Pantara like way - don't run away little indie rockers, you'll still love us!).

I'd recap the show, but since I nearly busted my head open on the suspended tv set when I stood up after packing up my bass, I don't remember much. Except that Adam did it too right before our set and, at the time, I thought he was a dumbass for doing it.

We love The Pinwheels (and the guy who brought a pinwheel)! We love (the now dis-banded) Resolver (and their oversized underwear)! We love Citizen of the Year (even if they don't have a girl in the band - they're lookin' though, if you can rock the low end)! Great job everyone - thanks for playing with us. Now come get your money before we spend it all on Red Vines.


Tonight was a much different night compared to the last time we played Scolari's. No rain, no fights, no free cigarettes. A bit too mellow perhaps?? That is until the ROCK fiasco not known as Secret Apollo hit the stage. Early on we were treated to the sounds of The Pinwheels, and later by Resolver and Citizen of the Year. I can proudly claim I saw Resolver's final show. Back to us; we played, I had trouble hearing, and I was so intent on getting a piece of gum that I missed the end of Daydreamers. I'm that good. This show also marked the first time I was recognized as part of the band by the bar, so I didn't have to be all dweeby trying to get a cheap Miller Lite. And I got a Resolver shirt. Had I known they had underwear I would have played in some Resolver briefs. That is all. Thank You.