11-6-2004: Chaser's
w/ Static Halo, The Verso

One too many bands show up to play, one gets voted off the island, and SA, The Verso, and Static Halo remain to bring it on. We get song requests, which as usual I can't hear and would likely ignore even if I could, for every set list is painstakingly derived from the most recent translations of the ancient scrolls. Do not upset the prophets! Special thanks to The Verso for the rad flyer and to Static Halo for playing ONE MORE!

= adam =

I slipped in my duties as band fashion coordinator and forgot to dress us in matching colors this time. But The Verso looked sharp in their matching yellow shirts, inspired by the last time they played with us. Glad to see we're setting trends at such an early stage in our careers! Avril's tie better watch out!

But enough about the fashion ? on to the music! Oh wait, this is an Amber review ? I NEVER talk about the music! We played some. Other bands played some. It was good. The Verso tried to play in the dark for a song but then quickly realized what we already know: that doesn't work. We even brought in extra lights because we like feeling like a Christmas tree.

Which meant when I messed up majorly, this time I couldn't blame it on not seeing my frets. I just completely forgot what note "Teeth" starts on. I kept trying different ones while I faced Steve and laughed and finally gave up until the first change in the song.

Highlight of the night? Chaser's serving beer in red party cups. Rad. The 70's country-western songs the locals kept putting on the juke were pretty cool too.


So we played Chasers. Other than the lack of lights it was a good show. Not much to report. The Verso were good, as was Static Halo. Uhhmmmmmm.... I don't know what else. Go see our next show.