10-29-2005: Scolari's Office
w/ The Esthas, I Like Girls, and Hundred Year Storm

Our Halloween show!  BOO!  Bee, Ghost, and Pumpkin were there to rock those who attended.  Which wasn't a whole lot of people.  Hey, we tried, but were apparently competing with costume parties everywhere.  So we just had one of our own.  And The Esthas, Hundred Year Storm, and I Like Girls came to our party. And it was better than whatever party *you* went to.

= adam =

A lot of prep went into this show. Hours of driving from RiteAid to RiteAid looking for the perfect band costumes (size 2T-5T please). More time altering our costumes from toddler size to grown-up size. Then 20 minutes of me lying on th floor laughing my ass off at Adam trying on his pumpkin costume and Steve in his ghost costume. Then we had an evening of pumpkin carving (Adam thinks he's special just because he can carve two for every one I get done). We even changed our song "Rock Out" to "Spook Out" in celebration of the holiday. I have to say it was the best Halloween party I've ever been to. Then again, I've only been to two.

We rocked Scolari's Haunted Office, with all our "haunted" songs and one possessed Muff Box (I meant Black Box. That's my pet name for Adam's distorion pedal.) I loved that The Esthas and I Like Girls and all the friends each band brought with them dressed up. The bartender even got in the spirit when I gave him a hard time about not being in costume; he went in the back, took a sharpie to his white shirt and wrote "Ghost" on the front.

I also got to shake my money maker not once, not twice, but three times to the Ciara's "My Goodies". Happy Halloween, indeed.


So we hit Scolari's for OUR Halloween party. And party we did. Dressed up and rarin' to rock, we set our sites on the monsterous crowd and tried not to scare them with our rock, or our costumes. I learned the hard way that I am no longer an 8 yr. old boy while trying to fit in my costume. But after a few tweaks, I was in. All the bands joining us that night were in top form. Both in music and costumes. We were glad to see most people in the Halloween spirit (although a few days early). No crazy Scolari's escapades this night. Just fun. And then burritos.