9-9-2006: Scolari's Office
w/ I Like Girls, Char Star, True Crime Authors

Hey Mr. Heckler Man.  We suck?  How about YOU SUCK.  Do I come down to your place of employment and criticize the way you clean the toilets?

= adam =

Band cuteness factor was high this evening. Green's a good color for us. I'd like to tell you how we sounded not just how we looked, but some genius decided to move the PA speaker 30 feet away from the stage so that anyone standing in the corner playing the golf video game could hear instead of us. And it was one of the loudest crowds we've played to. But people didn't leave, not even the heckler, so I'll interpret that as proof positive that we are The Best Band In The World. Char Star can be The Second Best Band In The World.


Man, what to say about this show???? I laughed, I cried, I cried some more. I can’t think of anything. Thanks for seein’ us if you came.