12-3-2004: The Roseary Room
w/ Japanese Sunday

Part 2 in the Secret Apollo/Japanese Sunday experience.  In this episode, the third band drops out, clearing the way for our dynamic duo.  We play all our hits for the captive audience.  Then off to Saguaros where team SAJS engage in some post-rock grubbing.

= adam =

There was supposed to be a third band joining us for the evening, but they kept trying to play musical time-slots, 30 minutes before the show started, AND they weren't even at the venue. After going back and forth a few times over the phone, I got tired of trying to be accommodating and made Adam deliver the news: they could go ahead and stay home. Probably what they wanted anyway, right? So everybody wins.

Japanese Sunday brought the Cure-influenced moody rock, as well as a couple interesting dancing and yelling fans, then we brought the spazzy, monkey-powered rock. I proved I knew how to talk, much to the disbelief of most people who've seen us before, and took over most the crowd-entertaining, in-between song chatter which Adam usually excels at. But tonight was my turn to shine as the blabber mouth!

The evening ended relatively early so we decided burritos would be a fitting finale and we all headed out to a taqueria and discussed the finer points of film (i.e. Superman 2 is the only sequel as good as it's predecessor and the Karate Kid 3 was damn good. Well, according to the boys anyway.).


Well, the Roseary (Rosary?, who cares) Room show, for those of you who attended, was a masterpiece. A masterpiece of what, I'm not quite sure. Rock 'n Roll? Fans? Specialty beer? Who knows... It was though, the second in the trilogy of shows with Japanese Sunday.  It was also a night of crazy/drunk guy at burrito place. So at least that was semi interesting. Overall, we played too fast, but no one noticed.