12-12-2004: The Onyx Room
w/ Japanese Sunday, The Velvet Tongue, A Beautiful Noise

A cool place for shows, especially when the kids all show up.  After playing such games as "The Elevator" and "Nudge the Equipment a Few Feet Further", we get set up and rock the stage.  Is this really what anyone expected?  Our life partners Japanese Sunday play next, hiding in a sea of fog.  Followed by the Velvet Tongue, who were cool people who play cool music.  Finally, headliners and formal rivals A Beautiful Noise haunt the last set.  In the end, everyone dies happy.

= adam =

We'd been trying to set up a show with The Velvet Tongue, so when they invited us on this bill, of course we said "yes yes y'all!". Later I found out, much to my amusement, the bill also included Japanese Sunday, making it our 3rd show in a row with them. Further amusement was had upon hearing A Beautiful Noise, my former band, was also on the bill. The lineup kind of made me feel like that Sesame Street clip "One of These Things is Not Like the Other". You know, where they show four things, three of which are very similar (moody rock bands) and one which is not (quirky indie rock band). It's not our fault our sound is so unique that there's just very few bands for us to play with. =)

The real reason we wanted to play this show? Because we LOVE parking downtown! But the parking and unloading equipment escapade aside, The Onyx Room is a very cool venue. It was nice to be on a real stage again, with a real sound guy and real lighting. Kinda like we were real musicians.

Except for forgetting my picks, a fun show. The lights were so blinding,  I couldn't tell you if there were 2 people or 50 watching. The sound was great, until my amp started making some weird noise. Which wasn't caused by me! And luckily the next band had the same problem so I felt vindicated. We debuted "Tugboat", which I affectionately call "Gothboat". Because tugboats are the subject of choice for many a Goth song. Steve showed some skin and debuted his new tatoo.

All other bands were very good and didn't let our awesomeness intimidate them. I told Japanese Sunday I wasn't falling for their "false ending" song THIS time, and I didn't. Ha! The Velvet Tongue's songs are rad. Bonus points for Jude's eyeliner. A Beautiful Noise brought so much equipment they barely fit on stage. They'll be the buffest band in town after another year of lugging that stuff to gigs. They also sounded really good. Of course. I wouldn't have been in the band if I didn't like the music. The end.


In a fitting end to the Trilogy, Secret Apollo stormed the Onyx room and blew the doors off downtown SD. Dressed in black and ready to rock, SA was like a young Jedi using music instead of mind tricks to alter the thoughts of the weak. All the bands were in fine form that night. It was either the power of the Force or the power of Red Vines. I do believe I had fun.