2-11-2005: Scolari's Office
w/ The Pinwheels, Liquorice Quartet, Citizen of the Year

I've always wondered how exactly animals are able to sense a coming storm. I now realize that it must not be much different from the human ability to sense a coming fight.  Drunk people, becoming more and more belligerent, friends trying to calm them down, a little pushing, shoving, etc., and you just know what's going to happen before the night is over.

Fortunately, it happened outside.

Unfortunately, it involved broken glass.

Did I mention that this was our Valentine's show?  That I wore my sexy pink pants?  That we love love love Pinwheels, Liquorice Quartet, Citizen of the Year?  Many thanks to all our sweethearts!

= adam =

After one awesome shopping spree with Adam where I got him to try on women's pajama pants and slacks, an afternoon of Steve & Adam constructing a glowing heart kick drum, and an evening of stenciling V-day wittiness on my t-shirt ("Secret Apollo is for Lovers"), how could this show be anything except one big rock 'n roll fun fest?? Of course if you ask Adam (aka "Studlicious") or Steve (aka "Official Heartthrob"), they would disagree. One's a pessimist and the other was grumpy. All I know for sure is pink and red is a good color scheme for us and I got to pretend I had a roomful of Valentine's (I bribed them with heart shaped candies).

Performance commentary... first of all, we loved our lineup. Yay Pinwheels, Liquorice Quartet, and Citizen of the Year! I played better than usual (as in I only missed notes once or twice), my vocals were too loud and Adam's too quiet (a first!), and I screwed Adam up by starting "I Would" when he was about to talk and it made him forget the opening verse. Whatever. The melody's so catchy on that one, nobody cared.

Thanks to everyone for being our Valentines!


So we did a show at Scolari's. It was fun. It rained. I had pains. I saw bloody people, and so did my shorts. WOW!!!