3-16-2005: Rain
w/ Rusty Like, The Randies

Our friends in Rusty Like invite us up to Costa Mesa for our first out-of-town show.  Are other cities ready for the Secret Apollo brand of rock?  Is Secret Apollo ready for other cities brand of music scene?  These questions will be fully answered in time I suppose.

...or will they? 

Yes, I suppose they will.

= adam =

Our first road trip. We stopped and took pictures at all the landmarks for our family vacation photo album, Steve and Adam argued the whole way, and I wouldn't stop asking
"are we there yet?".

Ok, not really. We did stop at the toll booth though. Rain is a cool, loungy venue in Costa Mesa. Good stage, good sound, presumably good drinks. They don't give you free ones so I'm just making a judgment call on that one. Despite some tuning issues, Rusty Like made the pretty sounds. We played next and the train wreck I've been waiting for on "Psycho" finally reared it's ugly head. It wasn't too awful though. Although Adam seems to have blocked it from his memory. So maybe it was pretty traumatic. The Randies, from Los Angeles, closed out the night with a fun set of girl rock (and one impressive bass player, I must note).

The next day I was useless at work. But I got Vertigo (think Hitchcock, not U2) early in the morning and got to go home and spend the day sleeping and watching a CSI marathon. Yay.


In our first out of San Diego show, Secret Apollo stormed Costa Mesa, and not to go shopping. To quote Jani Lane, " I've never had two women before, but I'm an open minded person, so baby lets go." Yeah, that sums up the show. Minus the two women part. Wow, that quote had nothing to do with anything. Anyway, back to the show. So, we rocked out The Rain on a hip hoppity Wed. night. And surprisingly, knowing our past luck, it didn't rain. Good vibe, big stage, and helpful people. That's what I need!!! The show had a few minor speed bumps, but as normal we plowed through them and the masses were none the wiser. Overall, es muy bueno!!!