7-23-2005: Honey Bee Hive
w/ Split Infinity and That Mad Ahab

I have discovered that there are three kinds of people who go to the Honey Been Hive.  Secret Apollo people, Split Infinity people, and That Mad Ahab people. For the first time in history these three groups were brought together to join forces for a historic musical experience.  That Mad Ahab rocked the banjo and the madolin.  Secret Apollo rocked the rope lights and the red vines.  And Split Infinity rocked the ROCK! Special thanks to Richie for the shot of [insert scary substance here].

= adam =

The night began with Adam and Steve forgetting they had a third band member and thus should leave the front door unlocked so said forgotten bandmate could access the house and load her gear rather than wait pointlessly on the porch until someone came within hearing distance of the doorbell. But eventually Adam answered the door, looking dashing in his royal blue shirt. If there's one thing Secret Apollo does well, it's color coordinate.

Finally I got to load my gear (fun! fun!) and we got to the Honey Bee Hive only to discover that one of the other bands had actually beat us there. A first! And had taken over our normal hiding, um I mean hang out, booth. Despite being early they had trouble starting their set on time. And finishing on time. Luckily their music is good (go give That Mad Ahab your vote for Best New San Diego Artist).   And our songs our short, so it all worked out in the end. Split Infinity rocked my knee socks off as usual. That's why they had to play after us; they make us look bad. Or we make them look good. Chicken or the egg...

The rest of the evening is a blur of pleasantly unexpected guests, gift beer cozies, and Ritchie getting me drunk.


With guitars, bass, drums and 100 feet of rope lights, we made the Hive wish we played longer. Once again I wore my trusty green shirt. It's got some serious mojo power, and lets me pretend I'm playing well. That show seems like a blur, but it could be cuz I lost 82 pounds in sweat on the trip home from Vegas. Split Infinity kicked some ass and were cool as always.

And although I got lost going to the Hive, much to Adam's happiness, it was a cool night as always. Oh yeah, I looked HOTT, just in case anyone was wondering. Yeah, that's right a "2 T" HOTT!!!