11-18-2004: Honey Bee Hive
w/ Flying Douglas, Fascination with Heights

Well first up was UPSIDE DOWN because it rocks and it established early on that we rock and that we are not wussies. Next came DAYDREAMERS ANONYMOUS because while it also rocks it is also catchy and it was important to make it known that we have the songwriting skills to create the hummable tunes. MY SOLO ALBUM, which no one can get out of their head, was next, and further established the catchiness element. Out of left field then came VAMPIRE which sounded like a huge catchy tornado. PICCOLO maintained its role as the fifth song as usual and was included, of course, for the kids. TAKE IT was then to be played to reveal that we were indeed wussies after all, but we skipped it due to time constraints. So instead we played PLANET APE to present its attack on human nature. Then the first song in the second half of the set, SIMPLE THING, re-established for any late comers that we do indeed provide the kick ass. This was followed by LEAPS AND JUMPS which is where we pretty much blew our wad and then prepare for the cuddling. PSYCHO came next because we had to do a new one after all. FLIP ME ON, based on a true story in a fictional world, was skipped, again, due to time constraints. Our three song sprint to the finish began with COMPLETELY which grabbed everyone's attention with its flagrant use of profanity. We then skipped right past STANDING ALL DAY, turning our three song sprint into a mere two-songer. And finally, TO THE LIMIT ended the set and it may very well have marked the end of my ability to sing for the evening. At this point the audience's heads had exploded do to their mortal brains' inability to cope with the genius that they were woefully unprepared for. We escaped through the back door before they all turned into zombies.

= adam =

Tonight, we had to bring the rock in a highly condensed, chewable form due to circumstances out of our control and wanting to make sure both our guests on the bill got to play a full set (we're so nice). So we cut out the soft, pretty stuff, cut out most the talking, and mowed our way through our songs. Not our favorite way to play and I think it showed (who likes to be rushed?), but it worked out well enough.

Flying Douglas and Fascination with Heights brought the moody, atmosphere rock - my music of choice when skulking about the house, and, as it turns out, when skulking about the Honey Bee Hive. Stellar set by Flying Douglas and a big thanks for them stepping in to fill a last-minute spot (I'm throwing a big freaking party the first time we have a show where the line-up doesn't change last-minute). Fascination with Heights helped us continue our new trend of booking shows with bands with a little estrogen in them. Girls rock dammit!

For anyone experiencing the Secret that is Apollo for the first time this evening, we hope you enjoyed our coordinated outfits, but we also hope you come to a future show and give us a second shot when we've got our full "game on", as the kids like to say. We rushed so much last night, there was little time for spazzing and rambling, which next to our songs, are our #1 crowd pleaser.


Well my night was ruined almost immediately after exiting my car, for I found out from a random crazy guy that, "there is no gravity, and the Earth sucks." Maybe that was his pick-up line. who knows? Ok, into the Hive. Here I find out that they have rearranged the set-up of the bar. Now this was a good thing. Unfortunately I was no longer set up in the corner, so my hope of some evil temptress doing her best Patrick Swayze impression and sayin, "NOBODY puts Stevie in the corner", was ruined. Oh well. THEN, I find out they're out of Miller Lite. That's grounds for hanging in some states. I guess not here. Ok, to the show. Before we went on we were treated to the sounds of The Flying Douglas, and they were good. So we go on and everything goes OK. Until Daydreamers that is. In what was, "a shot heard round the world", I messed up. But like Motley Crue once sang, we went "On with the Show". So we cut a few songs, played a few songs. And most likely were good. Or so my groupies told me. After the set we were treated to A Fascination with Heights. And although I had to drink a dreaded Bud Light while watching, they were good too. The only thing I have to apologize for this evening was how truly God awful my hair might have been. It was a topic of discussion for part of the evening. So if anyone was offended or threw up, I apologize. And next time we play there... live bees. You've been warned.