10-1-2004: The Luecadian
w/ Roxy Monoxide

As usual, we open in the 9pm slot.
Unlike the usual, we have no PA/sound problems.
As usual, we are told that we are playing too loud.
Unlike the usual, we finally learn to simply ignore this.
As usual, drunk strangers compliment us after our set.
Unlike the usual, some of these people have actual email addresses that they add to our mailing list.
As usual, we ROCK.
Unlike the usual, the fucking ROCK so damn hard that it blows a fuse during our last song.
And as usual, we don't let that stop us.

= adam =

We finally took our traveling circus, complete with light show (or overhead projector if you prefer) to North County and the lovely patrons of The Leucadian. The sound there is not the most auraully pleasing experience, unless you're listening from the bathroom. But otherwise, fun venue, fun crowd, fun bartenders. I would like to visit again.

As for our set, we rocked so hard we blew a fuse, although at first I suspected Steve had once again "accidentally" unplugged us. So the last 30 seconds of our finale were lost. It could have been our crowning moment as a band, but we'll never know. However, Adam more than made up for it with a fabulous air guitar solo/display of acrobatics to Steveís drum solo. Rock.

Post-set was spent mingling with an eclectic array of dru'ken and therefore highly talkative Leucadians and succumbing to Jenny and the cute bartenderís plot to get me drunk. They plotted well.


Well, Secret Apollo hit the Leucadian once again. Did I expect anything exciting? No, but dammit I got it. More of a people review than a show review. The highlight of the show? Blowing a fuse in the place and then getting to see Adam do his best CC Deville imitations while I played and he had no power. It was funny.

My favorite person, besides the guy who made it VERY clear he was Native American, was the guy at the end of Roxy Monoxide who was ìdancingî. His head/bongo hitting technique was something I've been yearning to learn for years. Oh and I guess his fly was down, so that makes it even better. It was an evening of strange people and Irish Carbombs. Oh yeah, and every guy there fell in love w/ Amber. It was soooo sweet!!!! =)