9-21-2006: The Brass Rail
w/ many others

We’re a tall band.  Our average tallness causes other bands to appear as children and/or midgets.  Others more modest than us would slouch a bit, so as to not make others feel so inferior.  But that is not the Secret Apollo way.  At the Brass Rail Amber and I stand tall on a small ledge BEHIND Steve to further demonstrate our superior growing abilities.  Go home tiny bands of the world, go home.

= adam =

There was a jam band, a goth band, some solo artist types, and Secret Apollo. What I want to know is where were all my fabulous fans at? That's the only reason I wanted to play the Brass Rail; so I could sit around with chatty, well-groomed boys instead of the usual hairy drunkards/ skinny tweakers at Scolari's.

Still, I enjoyed playing King & Queen of Brass Rail with Adam up on our pedestal, with a grand view of our subjects. I also enjoyed my post-show dinner of Lay's BBQ chips that I went and bought over at Rite-Aid after our set. So much more rock n' roll than Jager shots. My final enjoyment of the evening? The band that asked Adam "so what did you think?" To which he responded "It was alright; I didn't really have high expectations." He was talking about the Brass Rail. They had been asking for his opinion of their set.


Now this shit was pretty cool. The reason? THE coolest stage setup. If you saw it, you were dumbfounded. If you missed it, beg us for pictures we didn't take. This was our first time playing the Brass Rail, and a good time was had by all. Although kind of an “open mike” type thing with 10,070 other bands, Secret Apollo brought the music, the show, and the hot, sexy looks. 3 cheers for unisex bathrooms. Fun,Fun,Fun!!!