6-30-2006: The Kensington Club
w/ True Crime Authors, Republic of Letters, The Stars, Char Star

Again with the Ken Club. This was a great show: great turnout, great sound, great response, great bands. And we played great as well. Many folks ranked it #1 on the Secret Apollo show ranking scale. And I won't argue.

= adam =

This was one of my favorite shows so far this year! One, because we weren't responsible for the lineup. Two, tons of friends came out. Three, the sound was awesome (no small feat at the Ken Club). And something we would hear numerous times over the coming week. Secret Apollo, defying the physics of Ken Club sound at all costs! Clearly our super hero identity has been uncovered. Foiled!

Oh and four, because I got presents! Bryan brought me a print of a poster he painted for one of our previous shows (see it here, along with his other artwork). And Dante from The Stereotypes gave me a kick-ass copy of their new cd "4" that no one else had heard yet. It was like they knew it was my un-birthday or something. Of course now I expect gifts at every show (hint, hint).

Thanks to everyone for coming out and hugging us even though we were soaked with sweat. And thanks for Chris for the super sound!


Well Hello again Mr. Ken. Heard ya missed us. I’m not even gonna ask this time. We rocked your Club, and you F’in LOVED it!!!!! But Goddamn, you are one hot ass Club. I didn’t think I could sweat so much. The only people who said this wasn’t a great show were the ones NOT there. The other bands were good and fun. Although no one seemed as disgustingly sweaty as me. I lost again in the battle. Leaps and Jumps-2, Stephen-1