6-14-2004: The Casbah
w/ The Billy Nayer Show and Mark Growden

The first club SA plays that, *hey*, I've actually played before. Old times. Damn. Fine. Sound. System. Oops, that means everyone can hear! Where is our loud reverberant clatter of aural misdirection? Are you happy now? God, I gotta learn when to just shut up. Mark Growden entertains. The Billy Nayer Show sparks a brief moment of creative despair. All swoon for Red Vines.

= adam =

"Blinded by the lights..." That's all I really need to say. How is it possible that I was bathed in more light than at any other show, yet my fret markers were invisible? Musta been because it was orange. I'm telling them to switch to one of the blue gels next time we play there. Or I'm wearing night vision goggles and starting a new trend. You'll have to come to the next show to see which option I decide on.

Sound was really good though and Steve and Adam had fun. I had fun too - when I could find my place on my neck (yeah, yeah, I should be able to play with out needing the dots. Well, I'd have a fretless if I were capable of that, now wouldn't I?).

My favorite part of the night actually had nothing to do with Secret Apollo. Mark Groden, the solo act from Oakland who followed us, was. He had a strong voice (except when he was coughing up a lung because he smoked too much before the show), fun instruments (banjo, accordion, and some sort of lap steel guitar contraption), and I liked his songs. Great story telling. Plus I'm going to give it up to anyone who can get a Casbah crowd to join him in not one, but TWO bar sing-a-longs. He's a very creative musician, but even more important, he's a great entertainer. I'm glad we got to open for someone cool (read my full review).

Thanks to Mary from SDMusicMatters from coming out to take pictures. Sorry I didn't bust any rockmoves (unless the "oops!" face counts). Luckily Adam makes up for me. And thanks to everyone who sucked it up on a Monday night in the spirit of Rock 'N Roll.


Ahhh, mucho fun. Stale Red Vines. And thank you for coming out on a Monday night.