9-22-2004: Hennessey's

Oh my, oh my. We DID have fun. Thanks for the drink tix!

= adam =

Sandwiched in between a bunch of acoustic acts, playing to a dinner crowd at Hennessey's, me and my band buddies were pretty much dreading the show because it wasn't our audience and we had to tone down the rock. But Adam's guitar decided to tone it down for us 2/3's of the way through when he broke a string. Then on the next song, broke a second. The one time he didn't bring his back up guitar. But we prevailed over these tragedies, playing weird versions of the rest of our songs.

Unexpectedly, I had quite the fun time at this show. People seemed to enjoy our slightly pop-y set (probably because we dedicated each song to a new table). Nobody left (gasp!). People actually came in from listening outside (choke!). They clapped and signed the mailing list too (nearly dead!). I think we've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt we are the ugly baby people are nice too because they feel sorry for you. We'll take it!

We've decided we (and by we, my band actually meant me) need to learn an acoustic set for occasions like this. So...coming Spring 2005 ‚ Acoustic Secret Apollo!

If you're interested in buying my love, I could use an acoustic bass.


Two words: open mic. But it was fun. Different than I was used too, but fun.