11-26-2004: Scolari's Office
w/ Japanese Sunday, Hialeah, Reward Drive System

Back to rock at Scolari's.  This time we deliver the goods.  And by goods, I mean fear.  Fear of what the hell.  Fear of communal Red Vines.  Fear of the B-52s.  Fear of our secret identities being revealed via custom painted emblems available for all to see.

= adam =

Scolari's was really just an attempt to burn off the Thanksgiving dinner Adam & Steve's parents made for us the night before. Exercise disguised as rock. We're clever.

Highlights of the evening:

  • The dude who stood two feet in front of Adam, transfixed by his musicianship. I was about to get jealous until he came over and stared at me for a second. Apparently my musicianship is not nearly as enthralling as Adam's. He quickly moved his eyes over to Steve, then he was gone. And I was sad.
  • Steve's laughter at Hialeah's pirate jokes.
  • Reward Drive System's guitarist apparently bringing only one pick to shows. I guess he's a conservationist.
  • Working out a master-mind band marketing plan with my friend June prior to our set (I play beach volleyball; at this point all I recall of the plan is it had something to do with me in a swimsuit).
  • The kick-ass shirts I made us!
Thanks to Japanese Sunday for inviting us on the bill. Our bands are becoming the musical equivalent of peanut butter and jelly - you can't have one without the other (we have somehow managed to end up with three shows in a row together). Soon we'll have drawer's at each others' rehearsal spaces. It's all moving so quickly...


So we made our return to Scolaris Office. In a disappointing turn of events, I was not greeted by crazy man. But they did have my beer of choice. I'm still trying to figure how "Drinks are free while playing", yet you're up there playing. I guess if my man servant hadn't taken the night off he could have got a beer for me, but I had to make do with just one. He will catch hell later though for not being there. The songs... they came and went OK. Minor screw ups. I did enjoy Adam being nicely toasted by the "Easy-Bake Oven" light. By the time we were done with the show he looked like he had just gotten back from Jamaica. Ok, so he wasn't burned, but it seemed funny in my head. After we played we were treated to the sounds of Japanese Sunday. At first I thought it was "Sundae" and was hoping for ice cream, but instead we got music for the masses. And I dreamt of hot fudge. Hialeah and Reward Drive System were up next. And I have to say, I really liked Hialeah. Amber might say I was in love with them, but it was just more of a crush thing. RDS were also quite good, although it was late and I was tired. Overall fun times were had. Oh yeah, Amber made some kick ass shirts for us for this show. I'm autographing mine and putting it on EBay for anyone who wants to bid.