1-21-2006: The Alibi
w/ Rusty Like, Swim Party, Red Pony Clock

This was the record-release party for our cool friends Rusty Like, and we were honored that they invited us to play, and you should right now go and immediately buy their album.

So, back to us.

Basically, we kicked ass. The end.

= adam =

Not only was it a cd release party, it was also Gabe's (from The Pinwheels) birthday! Wise move, young grasshoppers to combine your cd release with the party of one of your pals who happens to also know half of San Diego!

We went on early which allowed a lot of our sleepy-head friends to make it out - thanks guys! A co-worker also showed up who hadn't spoken to me for six months at work, but apparently it's cool to acknowldege me outside of work. Lame. But they got fired shortly after this show. Ah, karma.

We rocked with Red Pony Clock for the first time. We must admit, we have a crush on them. And on Swim Party too. We can't help it, we're band crazy.


I could say it was the best, I could say it was the worst, but only a handful of people know my nervous breakdown capabilities. This tested them. But it was a fun show. Rusty Like had their CD release thingy, and that was good for them. We played well, I broke things, and then it was over.