9-27-2005: Cat Club
Rusty Like, Slings, and Satellite Class

I guess its been a while since I've been to a club on Sunset in Hollywood. Because apparently sometime since the last time I was there it has turned COMPLETELY EVIL.  Parking meters enforced until 2am?  Permit-only residential areas?  Does anyone actually even bother going there any more?  Thanks Los Angeles, for once again living up to the hype.

But maybe you want to hear about the actual show?  Well, apparently there was some initial confusion about the lineup timeslots, order, schedule, etc.  After many discussions, debates, re-arrangements, all ends up being exactly how we were told it was going to be in the first place.  Our set went quite well I thought...we played well, and even though we were away from home, we still got a lot of support, which was appreciated.  Overall, definitely a lot of fun was had by all.  Thanks to our friends in the Rusty Like crew (who played a great set as well) for inviting us on this show.

= adam =

"Walking in LA!". Adam and I now know what that Missing Person's song is all about. We love parking on Melrose and walking to the Strip! I just said "The Strip". Isn't that in Vegas?

The Cat Club is right next door to The Whiskey A Go-Go, which was having some hard-rock/borderline metal night. Reminded me of the New Years I went to the Whiskey to see Beautiful Creatures (Steve shares my fondness of DJ Ashba and Mr. Anthony Focx. Steve's other band even has a song called Ashbaland.) and Nashville Pussy. But that was years ago (you know, like four) and I've moved on to the rock that is indie.

The Cat Club was cute, the sound guy had a great British accent, and the bass amp was almost as tall as me (Adam says I need one my height, I say they don't make them that tall). After playing a bunch of "who's on first?" better than Abbot and Costello ever could have, we took to the stage. My friend Doug walked through the front door as we were sound checking and made my night with his home-made "Amber's Groupie" tee-shirt. Hysterical! And we didn't have any cameras, dammit. Everybody appeared to be appropriately entertained by us (I couldn't tell for sure because I was busy battling my arch nemesis: orange spot lights) and big thanks to the other bands for bringing people so we had an audience. We heart you all big time. Rusty Like played a fine set with new members and only two practices under their belt and we really dug Satellite Class's acoustic guitar and drums combo. Sadly, we had to sleepdrive our way back home and had to miss Slings, but hopefully they play down here soon.


So the Strip got hit by the rolling party that is Secret Apollo. Making our way North to L.A. I didn't know what to expect from the Cat Club. House drums, amps, etc. It felt weird not lugging my set. But not having to set anything up gave me the time I needed to indulge in the indulgences of the Strip. So, before our set I made it a point to reenact L.A. , 80's metal style living. This involved crashing Adam's car, and doing some lines off a stripper's ass. When that was all done, we played. And play we did!!!! I was interested to see what, if any, response L.A. would give. It was better than I had anticipated. And I anticipate a lot!! Thanks to Rusty Like for settin' us up. The ride home was filled with me sleeping, waking up thinking I was in conversation, then going back to sleep. And it is now official. I know the first side of the White Album by heart. HaHa.