2-11-2006: Hot Monkey Love Cafe
w/ The Modlins

The reaction to our performance at this show was pretty consistent amongst all our friends and fans. "This place is kinda...weird". Now I've been in a band long enough to know that in friendspeak, any comment about your performance that avoids actually mentioning any aspect of the performance itself, usually translates to "you sucked". OK, fair enough.

But I think what they were mainly referring to was to fact that the "opening act" that performed before us was not a band, but a play. Which I guess is a little weird. Was it a good play? I have no idea, I was busy unloading and setting up our gear. Let's just pretend that it, like us, sucked.

Apparently, before the play, and before anyone I know arrived, there was some other band that opened for the play. I never found out this band's name, so let's just call then The Suckies.

But you know who did NOT SUCK? Our friends The Modlins, who played after us. They pretty much sound great anywhere. I guess good musicianship and talent will do that to you.

Oh, and apparently something happened in the HMLC kitchen which totally smelled like shit. It full-on smelled LIKE A TOILET FULL OF SHIT!

= adam =

I bet we're the first band in history to have a play open for us. A bad college student play that was "inspired by" some television show on the BBC. Which also apparently "inspired" every actor to put on AWFUL British accents. I think we were then inspired to perform awfully. Which in turn inspired the kitchen to produce awful smells. Thank goodness The Modlins have some sort of immunity to awfulness and saved the remainder of the evening.


Also dubbed "STINKFEST 2006", The Modlins and Secret Apollo made sweet, stinky love to the Monkey Cafe. In a different approach to things, the show started off with a play that was so good it has escaped my memory. Then we played. If you were there you were first to witness the coolness that is our bass drum head. If you weren't, come see us next time. That HMLC always makes you feel at home and as if you're the loudest thing on the planet. Which I like, others may not. The Modlins were joined by the strongest force of nature(in smell)...the clogged grease trap. But they did put on a remarkable set despite the odiferous odor. Interesting time.