11-5-2005: Honey Bee Hive
w/ The Displaced, Fever Sleeves

A well-kept secret.  The wild crowds have been tamed.  When I am king everyone will be my loyal servant and my bandmates and I will play the royal theme song. It will be a crime not to listen, but not to worry... we will have plenty of shackles for everyone.

= adam =

Way too many oatmeal raisin frosted Trader Joe's cookies and chocolate coated espresso beans  fueled this Secret Apollo performance. Needless to say, we crashed hard after the sugar high faded. We may have sounded good. Only the audience knows since the sound system was not hooked up properly and we had to use the monitors as our PA. Uhg. Luckily things were fixed in time for Fever Sleeves, accompanied by their merchandise "feed me!" totem pole, to rock out. And The Displaced didn't need the PA anyway since they did a special (i.e., we're looking for a drummer) acoustic set. Let's just say all bands made it through the evening and were happy to be done. Everyone has an off night, unfortunately we all chose the same night to have ours. \m/


This was an interesting show. The "Shaw" curse was in full effect. By "Shaw" curse, I mean "my curse". Meaning always double check that things are even ON or plugged in before starting. It was fun though, minor equipment glitches notwithstanding. The Displaced treated us to an acoustic set that was cool to see. The Fever Sleeves brought more rock to the Bee Hive, and we were the mustard in the sandwich of rock. Oh yeah, I like to "quote" stuff.