6-10-2006: Scolari's Office
w/ The Modlins, Swim Party, and Straight No Chaser

I like playing at Scolari's. There is a element of consistency there which I find comforting. For example, there are certain things that you can pretty much expect to happen there, and you'll never be disappointed.

First, there will be a certainly "stickiness" element to the floors, walls, and furniture. How? Why? Best not to ask.

Second, there will always be the intoxicated "eccentrics" hanging around who seem inexplicably interested in your band. They want to know what kind of music you play. They want to know when your band is starting. They aren't shy to shout/slur our song requests. They will often be so enamored with your band that they cannot help but to break into dance while you are playing. Sometimes they will even offer your band marketing advice. These people are your truest fans.

Third, there will usually be some sort of confusion regarding which bands are actually booked on which nights. Sometimes this comes up a week before the show. Sometimes you discover this when you arrive at the bar the night of your show. It's always a bit of surprise; you know, it keeps you guessing.

That being said, there really was nothing unusual about this Scolari's Office show.

= adam =

Hello Scolari's Office.
Hello Modlins! My don't you look daper in your suits - great opening set! And no, it wasn't too long - stop worrying about that.
Hello hardcore band of teenagers from TX who got double-booked and added on to our bill. Thanks for screaming your way though your set in under 12 minutes.
Hello Swim Party! You and the hardcore boys go together like ice cream and pickles. Sorry about that. But fab set as always and way to pull the audience back inside the venue. Watch out - we're strarting to learn your lyics and will be singing along soon.
Hello us! Adam, way to play through the pain of having a gaping wound in your thigh; Amber way and Steve, way to be Adam's roadies for the night. You all put on a very energetic performance.
Hello Straight No Chaser! Thanks for rounding out the evening!

And finally, hello to Brian, Sara, Jason, the guy I talked to at the bar and all his friends, and everyone else who made an appearance that night and made it through the slight hiccup in the night that was the 2nd act.


I LOVE the Office. I LOVE surprise hardcore bands thrown in the mix. I LOVE watching people evacuate like there was a fire. I LOVE being introduced. I LOVE Secret Apollo playing. I LOVE screwin’ up Leaps and Jumps 2 shows in row.
I LOVE The M,SP,and SNC.
I did like the hardcore band. But I was 1 of maybe 2.
I think we all had fun.