2-25-2005: Hot Monkey Love Cafe
w/ Hialeah, Japanese Sunday, Split Infinity

Due largely to its unfortunate name, I had never been to the Hot Monkey Love Cafe before.  Its turns out that their french fries are great.  We arrive early, interrupting a video interview in progress.  Oops.  Small stage, but we managed to just barely fit.  Good show.  No lie.  We are happy to be reunited with our platonic show-partners Japanese Sunday.  Hialeah blows a fuse, recovers, and keeps of rocking.  And once again the fellows in Split Infinity make us feel like we need to practice a whole lot more.

= adam =

It's rare we get to play on an actual stage, so there was no way we were letting Steve have all the glory. All three of us managed to squeeze onto the tiny allotted space for rocking. Where we proceeded to rock, if not move much for fear of falling off. I did add some nice, accidental symbol crashes to a song or two with my headstock.

You know, I don't really have much to say about this show. You didn't miss much except Hialeah blowing the power, poor service by the café workers, and solid sets by everyone. And the debut of our hit single Boomers Kids. I didn't get any hot monkey love that night, so maybe I'm just bitter.


So when we first arrived at the HMLC I instantly thought of our last all ages show and how we were "too loud". Thankfully people weren't also eating dinner and we were able to turn it up!!!!  We got to play with 3 other bands that we like, so that was cool. Overall the performance aspect of the show was pleasantly F-up free. I do believe that may be a 2nd. Hmmmm, that is all.