7-12-2006: The Casbah
w/ The World Inferno Friendship Society and Heather Duby

Oh Casbah how we've missed you so it's been so long where has the time gone we definitely have a lot of catching up to do so how have you been I see that you've been hosting a lot of cool rock shows lately yeah we've been playing some cool shows as well we certainly should do another show together soon let's stay in touch we can't let as much time pass next time.

= adam =

We've earned our Casbah Learner's Permit! We got to play 2nd instead of first this time. And we didn't even have to take the test twice! No guarantees that it won't get revoked though.

World Inferno were a super fun semi-punk, semi-indie, semi theatrical monologue band and I'm glad we got to play with them. Our styles are different but I think our energy/entertainment philosophies are similar which meant some of their fans actually watched our set. Thanks guys!

The show highlight though had to be when we were saying our goodbyes and some girl called Adam out. "He's a computer nerd, huh?" Yeah. But apparently not nerd enough. I snuck away as she began to grill him on why our web site isn't PHP and before the word Linux could come out of her mouth. Adam, you'll always be the Alpha Nerd in our band, no matter what other people say!

Thanks to Bryan, Ray our new friend from our last show, and Steve for bringing his whole beer koozie toting posse for coming out on a Wed!


The Casbah. Ahhhhhhh, what can I say? Saying we didn’t rock this night is like saying David Lee Roth has hair. Or at least good hair, or real hair… anyway, I like playin’ here. For some reason though, I always forget my quarters for sweet video game madness. I was gonna walk back to my car, but decided against it cuz of “crazy plane watcher guy” laying on the sidewalk. Ok back to the show. I guess I already said what I needed to say. Thanks to those who came to see us and to those who witnessed us for the first time and couldn’t get enough.