6-19-2006: The Beauty Bar
w/ Abbrevieated Daylight

This show was one of Tim Pyles' Poprocks! nights at the Beauty Bar. I've actually played at this bar about 5 years ago in a previous band, when it was a whole different bar. Glad to say that it's way better now. Playing outside always sounds a little weird to me, but apparently we still rocked it up. From time to time I like to cram our set full of our "hits", and this was one of those night, and I think the crowd appreciated it. Perhaps one day I'll make a set full of "experimental jams", just for balance.

= adam =

After we loaded in, I made Steve & Adam roe-sham-bo to see which of them got to stay and watch the equipment and which of them was the lucky winner and got to walk with me down El Cajon Blvd. so I could get some dinner. A very nutritious KFC bowl (mashed potatoes, corn, popcorn chicken and gravy....mmmmmm). I think Adam threw up a little in his mouth watching me eat it as we walked back to the Beauty Bar.

The boys had played here before, when it was called something else and they were in a different band. We had all been here 2 years ago for my birthday. Again, it was called something else. Luckily the bar had a lot more people in it than it did on my birthday.

Abbreviated Daylight played first. Turns out it was their last show. Under that name. They're one of those bands that is really 3 or 4 bands and they just add or subtract a member for each version and may or may not sound different.

I had a lot of fun with our set. The stage is actually mostly outside (walls, but no ceiling) so the acoustics were odd and Adam & I just pretended we could hear ourselves. But the stage is fun, with a cool mural, and we had a good crowd. We even had a dancer (I think he got lost on the way to the Grateful Dead concert). I'm going to see if he wants to join our band and be our backup dancer because all the fun he was having made me have even more fun.


In what felt like like DejaVu, we played the Beauty Bar. I, along with Adam have played here before in it’s other incarnation. I like this one better. I tried to look pretty for this show, but if you’ve seen me, you know that’s a hard thing to do. Instead I played drums. I still can’t believe I lost Rock,Paper,Scissors to Adam. Someday I will redeem myself and then get to go to KFC!!!!!

Interesting band we played with. It was an “early” night show, so I got to make it home to watch “Pants Off, Dance Off” and I was happy. Still not pretty…but happy. And I think I won in the war of Stephen vs. Leaps and Jumps