4-7-2006: Scolari's Office
w/ Red Pony Clock, Ryan McPhun and the Ruby Suns, Invisible Airplanes

Red Pony Clock should change their name to Red Pony ROCK! 'Cause they ROCK, get it? Well, maybe not actually in an "ear-bleeding" rock sense, but more of a "kick my ass with their greatness" rock sense.

Ryan McPhun and the Ruby Suns played next, and they are from New Zealand, and their van caught fire and all their instruments burned up, but they still made it out to San Diego and played a great set. Apparently one of the guitars only partially burned, as the guitarist was still able to play this piece of charred-up guitar-shaped firewood. Now THAT my friends is TOTAL ROCK!

Secret Apollo played next, and not everyone ran for the hills. Our set was rated as our "second best show" from Secret Apollo critic and connoisseur Bryan.

Invisible Airplanes / Earnest Rapture closed the set, choosing to rock it electronic-style. Ever the trooper, singer Cara braved sickness and missing firewire cables to make it happen.

PS Much thanks to our friends in Swim Party for the support!

= adam =

I think I can sum up the evening with a quote from they guy in the black rimmed glasses and plaid sport coat (who is welcome to become our booking agent, btw): "Secret Apollo: a tough act to follow". The kids done good tonight.

The only other interesting haps was that I survived a stare-down with a freaked-out 72 pound tweeker in girl jeans (yes, Tweeky was a boy). Despite this victory, I must have looked pretty pathetic to people this night because I had no less than 3 offers to help me with my amp. I thought having wheels was supposed to make it easier to move! Lies! I was able to convice two of them I could do it myself, but the last guy moved me aside and played roadie. Thanks, dude. And thanks to Swim Party for taking a band outing =)


Despite the advanced blizzard warning and 15 feet of snow, this show was quite fun. We (Secret Apollo) put on our snow shoes, packed the sled and glided into the Office for a night of fun and good music. The tunes flowed like wine from our hands and vocal chords. About the only thing that didn't flow like wine at that show was... wine. Thanks to all who came out.