8-30-2005: The Casbah
w/ Sweetness and Hazard County Girls

Three bands. 

Secret Apollo.  We played really well.  Really really well.  Perhaps you missed it?  Loser. 

Sweetness.  An attribute of candy?  A pet name?  Slang for "cool"?

Hazard County Girls.  Ironically, *not* from Hazard Country.  We hope their stuff stayed dry.

= adam =

Hurricanes, flat tires, Tuesday nights - nothing can stop the rock! We love the Casbah. We love it when it's full. We love it when it's empty. We love it most when we're on stage. The evening began with Steve nearly rendering Adam and I deaf with his sound check (ears had yet to be plugged). He also tried to rob Matthew, the sound guy, of his hearing as well. New rule: Steve can't have his drumsticks until I give them to him.

Per usual, we spazzed and rocked our way through a set. Adam decided to give me a small bass solo on Always Turns Out Bad (and by that I mean he dropped a pick and took a couple days to get a new one). Then I returned the favor and gave him a vocal solo on Leaps and Jumps (I forgot I sang on that one too; we've only been playing it for a year after all). And since we didn't give Steve anything, he rebelled by making a solo for himself during our closing song, To the Limit (pre-emptory drumming). So we all got our moments to shine (my car even got in on the action; at the end of the night it decided it would get a solo by having a flat tire). Other than that, good set. I could hear myself for once. And Matthew was cool about my very specific lighting request (no red light please). Next time we'll see if we can get a full rider of requests accommodated.

Sweetness lived up to their name and Hazard County Girls, all the way from water-submerged New Orleans, played a hard rockin' set, despite their distraction thinking about what Hurricane Katrina had done to their home which they hadn't seen in a few weeks. They also taught us how to do a monster metal horn (ROCK!); it was like a band team-building activity. We even had our matching shirts on (Adam's girlfriend said we looked like a boy band. I guess I need to start shaving my 5 o'clock shadow).


...And on this Tuesday the clouds parted, the angels sang, and Secret Apollo floated into the Casbah to perform our heavenly songs. Although the night began with me getting angry at alleys, boulders, and lights... And ended with Amber getting a flat, the show itself was quite fun. We got to hear the world's loudest tambourine, we got to see three rockin' ladies from New Orleans, and of course US!!!! After the show we managed a mini photo shoot before floating into the night sky. All in all a fun and loud night. Stevie likey.