11-18-2005: Boomers!
w/ The Estha's

Who wants to play with the Boomers kids?  You give them money.  They'll give you tickets.  The Boomers kids...I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!

= adam =

Steve finally booked us a show at Boomers! Adam and I have been bugging him for almost two years to do it because we thought it would be fun(ny). Plus we knew we'd get free tokens to go crazy in the arcade with. My new favorite game is Dance Dance Revolution 2 Max! Adam did a public demonstration mid-set and challenged anyone interested to a dance off. He's better than me, so I kept my mouth shut.

My friend Jarel was in town, so we braved the awful sports bar next door for a quick Irish Car Bomb until further provisions arrived courtesy of Matt. Have you ever tailgated at Boomers? Well, now I have.

The Estha's were great as always. Bonus: They covered Helter Skelter and some mom complained to the manager because of the Charles Manson relation. Are you kidding me lady? But I will thank her for the amusement.

Our set was full of family-friendly hits. The Boomers Kids came out en mass to see Steve punish his drum kit. My friends came out en pseudo-mass because it was a relatively early show for us and they didn't have to be in bed yet. Kris timed another of her business trips from Oregon to make sure she was in town for the show. To thank her, we took her to a DELICIOUS post-rock dinner at Denny's. We treat our fans well. Indigestion is the gift that keeps on giving.


So we got a show at BOOMERS! I kinda knew what to expect since I work there, but fun was still to be had. We had a good turnout. People who hadn't been able to see us before were now able to and were converted to our ruckus and rollus...and my sexiness.

The Esthas kicked off the evening with some kick ass tunes, and even ruffled some feathers of the religious right. That might have been the best, non-music, part of playing there.

We got up next and proceeded to put the BOOM in BOOMERS!  Adam was in rare form. Between his DDR technique and an unplanned serenade to the BOOMERS! Kids, I didn't know what he'd do next. It was a pretty fun show. So look out!!!! BOOMERS! Tour '06 is comin' your way!!!!!!!!!!!