4-4-2005: The Casbah
w/ Ariel Pink, The Peppermints

Back to the Casbah, and its about time!  How we missed you so.  What was the name of that out-of-town band that played first?  Got me.  Methinks we pulled off a nice little performance, and we have the video tape to prove it.  Soon to be a goldmine in the bootlegger's market.  The Peppermints played next, which I couldn't not dig.  Interesting + fucked up = keeps me watching.  Next came Ariel Pink, but sadly I was Atari-loungin' it by this point, so no comments possible.

= adam =

Straps were broken, people sang along (quietly, but I saw you guys!), jumping occurred. Our return to The Casbah was a good one. And it was all caught on video for posterity.

Show highlights? The opening band's spazzy singer. He makes Adam look normal. The surprising number of people who came out - it was nice to see everyone! Thanks kids. The cowbell. Jumping around during "Simple Thing". I may have flashed Mel during the finale. But she did pay to get in, so I hope she got her money's worth.

After the show and watching some Peppermints action, Adam, Jeff (our official videographer; next we're getting roadies!) and I sat in the back room at the table with the map on it, taking finger road trips. Rad. We also discussed how Ariel Pink sounded like Japanese Karaoke, from what we could hear.

But my favorite thing about this show? Steve's review. It has a Fabio metaphore for crying out loud.


It's hard to play the Casbah and in the review not say "We rocked the Casbah". Well, since I'm fresh out of quotes from Jani Lane, we'll play make your own quote. "We _ _ _ _ _ _ the Casbah". All in all it was a fun night. A rather interesting band was put on before us. I've never seen a keyboard/drum/vocal combo before. I have now. Anyway, we galloped through our set like hot, wild stallions on a quest for Fabio. It seemed like there was a good crowd there, which surprised me since it was on a Monday. But I guess people go out and have fun. I will have to look into this concept. We played our new, hit song Origami, which might be about origami, but I don't know cuz I didn't write it. All in all I assume we played well. I know Adam did. So well in fact that his guitar no longer wished to be near him and broke his strap trying to get away from rocking so much. Even his glasses had too much and had to jump off his face. That made me giggle like a schoolgirl. Sooooo, thanks for coming to see us. We <3 U