2-18-2005: The Kensignton Club
w/ Plural, The Donkeys

Our friends made a heroic effort to come see us play, although not all made it to the end, as this was one of our late shows.  Still, there was a pretty good we *love* to be sandwiched between (very cool) bands with lots of fans.  I don't know how we actually sounded from the audience perspective, but it seemed to me that we played pretty well, and that's usually all it takes to make me jolly.  Ho ho ho.

= adam =

Sometimes things work out well. Like the downpour stopping every time we had to load our equipment in or out.

Sometimes things don't work out well. Like shows starting at 11pm because the venue doesn't like to end early.

Sometimes things work out well. Like totally shredding at our set, despite driving sound guy Chris nuts b/c Adam & I could hear ourselves too much in the monitors so we kept backing off the mic. We don't like listening to ourselves! But you should. Come to our next show.

Sometimes things don't work out well. Like my timing on To The Limit and Steve's attempt at bouncing his drum stick a la Tommy Lee.

Sometimes things work out well. Like Plural's pretty harmonies and their song "Sometimes I Feel Beautiful".

Luckily for Secret Apollo, things work out well more often than not. We were quite pleased with our return to The Ken Club. People happily consumed our red, sugary snacks and our red, sugary music. Secret Apollo - spreading cavities throughout San Diego proper.


I believe it was Eddie Rabbit who sang "I Love a Rainy Night" or something like that. Well, it was another rainy night for us. This time though, someone must have liked us upstairs because it only rained when we WEREN'T loading equipment. Well, besides our delayed start time, everything was mellow and cool. Like it should be. We played our songs, listened to other bands' songs, and ate Red Vines. Thank you.