4-15-2005: Honey Bee Hive
w/ The Displaced, The Velvet Tongue

Secret Apollo, The Displaced, Velvet Tongue.  The show of shows.  The show of legends.  The show of ropelights.  Which started cool.  And then messed up Amber's seeing.  Then were moved.  Then messed up my seeing.  Then were worn. Then were moved.  One day I will dream of having dreams about a satisfactory lighting situation at the hive that looks cool and lets me see my guitar.  Or maybe I should instead long to wish for having a wish that I didn't need to see in order to play.  Then we could play in the pitch black.  You know, like in that movie, "Pitch Black".  I like movies.

= adam =

Once again, we coerce The Displaced into playing with us. We also convince The Velvet Tongue to drive down from Alpine for a little power-trio, girls on bass fun. I don't remember much of the show except having to move our 100 feet (yes, 100 ridiculous feet) of rope light behind me so I could see. Except Adam, Mr. Smarty Pants-Super Vision, thinking he could still play with it in front of him. So his half of the rope light still blinded us all night until he decided to wear it.

My friend Jarel flew down from Santa Cruz and saw me play for the first time (and blinded me with flashbulbs). She also freaked me out watching me do my make-up in the (surprisingly nice) HBH bathroom when we got there. I gave her tips about "smokey eyes" then made her not stand so close b/c it was making me nervous. So take note - make-up application tips available in the bathroom before each show! This goes for you too, boys. Every one could use a little eyeliner.


So our bus rolled into the lot of the Honey Bee Hive and to our amazement our adoring fans were under control and kindly asked for our autographs and our first born. So after our autograph session we head into the venue. 82 Miller Lites later and I'm ready to rock and/or roll. So we blow through our best set ever (only our best because I conceived maybe 95% of it). As I make my way out of the mountain of panties and bras that surround me I am reminded that I shouldn't have brought my laundry to the show. We were then forced, due to the crazy ApolloHeads, to run straight to the bus were we spent the rest of the night watching a "Coreys" marathon. Ok, so part of that story might be a bit far fetched. But overall it was a cool evening with some other cool bands that we appreciate.