10-22-2004: Honey Bee Hive
w/ Rookie Card, The Verso

I don't know how to leave you. And I'll never let you fall. And I don't know how you do it...

Friends and strangers alike congregate to the Honey Bee Hive to see what we have in store for them. Green is the color for this evening, and Nasr comes close to infiltrating our team. Flashing xmas lights give the impression that we're moving. No one is willing to watch the instant reply with me.

Thanks to The Verso for providing their lovely rock at the last minute. Thanks to Rookie Card for allowing me to make love with them out of nothing

= adam =

A lyric by one of our co-performs this evening sums up how I felt very accurately:

It ain't over until it's over
So kill me now and give me closure

About the only thing I enjoyed this night was becoming the band fashion coordinator (green is so our color) the kick-ass crowd we had (yay to all my friends!), the sound guy (Ritchie?) and the pumpkin I carved. It was my first and TOTALLY put Steve's and Adam's to shame. That's it. I'm looking forward to our return to the Honey Bee Hive next month, under better circumstances.


So we played the Honey Bee Hive. Overall I thought it was an entertaining evening. From people sleeping, to Adam singing, to getting my nipples rubbed. We threw in a new tune, which i like, and made a passable attempt at playing it. Thanks for havin' us. And we'll be back to rock the Hive.