12-3-2005: Buster Daly's
w/ Mewow, Swim Party

We had never played with Swim Party before, but I'm totally glad that we did because they were pretty darn great. Using mind control, we were able to send them subconscious messages to forget to put out their rope lights, so that when we put out ours we wouldn't look like childish copycats. Next time we play with them we will have to engage in an intergalactic rope light battle.

Mewow, who we had also never played with previously, did not need such paranormal mental persuasion, as they wisely went with the more traditional lighting scheme. Kudos, boys and girl.

Secret Apollo went on to play what has been regarded as the finest performance in the history of time. Local band aficionado Bryan declared it our best show ever. We love the praise, but DAMN, why do we set the bar so high? It's just unfair to the mortal bands. I guess those are the breaks. Special thanks to the Modlin boys for their support!

= adam =

If only every show were like this one! We had such a great show at Buster Daly's (which is ironic because Adam and I were not enthused about this show; we were bitching and moaning about it while we loaded all the way until we sat down at the bar and Adam said "I've decided we will rock tonight." So we complied.).

It was what I would call the epitome of a Secret Apollo show: fun, tight, loud, and full of rockin' hits. Too bad all of San Diego hadn't been there. We'd be famous by now. But that's okay; indie-rock obscurity is so cool.

Thanks to MeWow and Swim Party for playing with us - both bands were excellent! It was nice to play on an estrogen-balanced bill again. And a public apology to Swim Party who I kept miss-promoting as Adult Swim (damn you Cartoon Network) on our MySpace page. Doah!


Well, to write about everything that happened at this show would take away from the greatness that you may or may not have experienced. What I WILL say is that we played BADASS, others played BADASS, and we learned the lyrics to the Fall Guy, and Lee Majors is BADASS!!!