8-28-2004: Joe 'n Andy's Hole in the Wall
w/ Static Halo

We continue to fool the masses, although this show requires the least amount of actual fooling thus far. "Are you two really brother and sister?" "Yeah, well I think it's a bunch of shit." "Why should I change my name? He's the one who sucks."

= adam =

It was a night of firsts: Steve actually stayed for the whole show, we actually went through an entire tub of Jumbo Red Vines, Adam actually thought it was a fabulous show, and I actually sang loud enough on a couple of songs to be heard.

On our return to Joe 'n Andy's, I had one goal: to conquer "Daydreams Anonymous" and showed it who's boss, since I bit of a traumatic experience the last time we played here.

Adam talked a lot. I rapped during mic check (thanks to Dylan for his assistance during my least favorite part of a show!). I tried not to watch Office Space on the tv right next to my head while I played, but it's such a damn good movie, it's hard not too. But all the really good parts where on during Static Halo's set, so they had the harder challenge.

That's all. Thanks to all our friends for coming out, to Static Halo for sharing the tiniest stage on earth with us, and for my work friends for being brave and venturing outside of PB for an evening on the town!


The tiny hallway + not good bathroom + weird guy that wouldn't stop giving his opinion = Joe 'n Andy's.

Well, I knew what to expect this time around, and low and behold I was amazed at the show and the above average sound. All in all it was a good ass show. Hope everyone else had fun.