9-20-2004: The Roseary Room
w/ The Exfriends, Split Infinity

Call call call call. Call. Booked. Cancelled. Booked! One band, two band, three band, two band, three band, two band. Three band! A great (and greatly underappreciated) performance by the Exfriends, despite the fact that they were perhaps never meant to perform in such a small box. Split Infinity, to whom we owe for providing last-minute three-band status, heroically end the evening with their dazzling rock. We can't go wrong by squeezing ourselves in the middle, now can we?

= adam =

If I were trying to beat Steve & Adam for the Shortest Review Ever award, this would be my entry:

New venue, new song, new fans. Mission accomplished.

But I'm not entering that contest. Too much competition. Instead, I'm entering in the specialty category: Best Run On Sentence. Here's my entry. Judge it as you will:

Booking this show was a nightmare and a testament to the Secret Apollo Curse but despite bands committing to play then losing members, going out of town, being in the studio, having too many shows in September or being just plain scared to try and match our pure rock power, somehow, after one reschedule, several nights of restless sleep, relentless internet browsing, numerous emails, and one attempt at trying to make a "long" Secret Apollo set (oxymoron) to fill up time, we finally found two excellent bands who were worth the hunt and gather extravaganza to play with us at The Rosary Room"(yay The Exfriends & Split Infinity!) and I was quite pleased with the show, Steve taking "Vampireî to warp speed and leaving me giggling in the dust, failing miserably to catch up notwithstanding.


'Twas a fun night of both music and managing levels of insanity with the red walls. I had fun, but they need Miller Lite!!! If you missed this show, your penance is 2 Hail Marys and 3 Our Fathers. Get it? Rosary Room? Rosary? Ehhh, ok. Thanks to those who came out.